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Stanley Targosz

Helper, Harvester, and Hunters - Myths our Industry has Sold Us!
As professionals we often hear a lot of different buzz words on what we should be doing to be valuable to our clients, managers, companies, teams, and more. But what about what we need? Who is looking out for us?

This is my “A-HA” over the past few months. Here is why I have this broken down. I help a lot of professionals and the things that frustrate me cost me time and money. Misconceptions about the game plan for success is troubling. Our industry has not done a great job of helping the advisors who are critical to sustaining the success of the families we serve or the companies we love to represent. Let me explain.

We are sold the idea that we can HELP everyone. This might be accurate; however, everyone should include us and our families as well, right? When we spend so much of our time focusing on “helping” we get confused about what that means. For most of the advisors that I train and that have come across my table in the past 10-15 years, helping is a number one priority. The issue with this it rarely allows the advisor to make enough money to feed their family. When the sole focus is helping, we become unpaid consultants and a support for needy people who do not think they need to make any decisions to make their lives better. The focus is so much on “helping” that they view you as a friend, consultant, shoulder to lean on and more. Then they take your ideas, uncovered pain, issues, and allow you to help then emotionally through the process of getting to a person who can transact the deal and you end up setting up another person to capitalize on your “help” approach. I would live to follow you around and hand out business cards to everyone you meet. I would make a million dollars from your time investment in those families. Wouldn’t you rather get paid and help your family, your retirement, your business?

The companies want us to constantly hunt for new opportunities. This is tiring and few people can do this every day 50 hours a week and not get burned out. These are great at generating quick money for people who need to get something solved right now. This is your typical numbers game, throw mud on the wall, the mirror test, get in – get out- move on. Again, I would love to follow that person around and hand out business cards to pick up the millions that are left on the table because it requires a little of the “helper” mindset to help them decide. The hard work of opening the door is done, but the instant gratification isn’t there and most companies will not wait 30-90 days to cultivate the process to make money. They want numbers today and reward based on opportunities that are opened and closed, today.

Managers want you to Harvest every dollar out of a relationship. The problem is when you have done this you have a limited supply of people to work with and you end up burning out those people because every time you want to meet it is to get another decision out of them. It is tiring for THEM. Imagine your pastor or priest calls you to have lunch, what is your first thought? Sometimes is it about the church and people in it, A lot of times it is : “ I wonder what they want this time” - those who solely focus on harvesting can fall into this trap.

SO what’s the solution. In my world of being a professional sales advisor I have fond a healthy balance between the three makes all of the difference in the world. The catch is- I have to have something that allows me to add value and “help” them without always having to ask for money. I also have to have a solution that requires a change they need to make, and I have to be there when they are ready to make that decision. Sounds like the UNICORN! It is not, I promise. For me it is called College and Pay for College Planning, which is what we do. I love this because I have several opportunities to “help” each year without having to ask for anything. It allows me to cultivate every door that has been opened and harvest every opportunity out those relationships. I looked back at my past 3 years and found over 50% of all revenue that came into my personally business can from families I have been working with for more than 5 years that needed something and trusted me to handle it for them. If I was not able to help them over that time period, they would not think of me when they have a child graduate college, change jobs, get an inheritance, or have any other change.

I also do not lack for new opportunities and do not need 25 per week. I do not “dial for dollars”. I have a great story to tell and have a process that fills my calendar with 7-10 new “hunting” opportunities every month. I also get natural referrals every year from those I have helped and keep me top of mind when they have a family who needs help. It is the best of all worlds.

My concern for the industry that I love and the people who I also love and care about in this industry are struggling and will drip off because they do not know how to put a business plan in place that l allows them to have satisfaction from the work they do AND feed their families. I have seen many great people with potential drop out due to lack of synergy with Helping, Hunting, and Harvesting. I have put together a great system and story to tell that allows any advisor to have a track to run on and maintain great income as they do it. It is not get rich quick or throw $5K a month and become a millionaire. I believe that anyone who is sales driven and professional can succeed, if they are willing to work, be coachable, and change.

Most of the frustrated advisors I have come across are frustrated because they constantly must change who they are to fit what their companies want them to be. I would rather let my natural DNA dictate the market and areas that I work in. I am passionate about helping families navigate this time in their lives and serve them with information and knowledge, showing them how to make good decisions and becoming their trusted advisor out of positive experiences instead of core value taking points on the back of my business card.

Most advisors want a track to run on that is consistent and provides great opportunities. They are tired od chasing and want a spot to and call home. If this sounds familiar it is because I was there for a decade and have heard this tale from many over the past decade.

I welcome the opportunity to share this story with you and help you achieve your goals. You can get more information like this at InsuranceWebX's Mentor Page for Stanley Targosz : https://members.iwxresources.com/mentor/stanley-targosz