Powerful Tax Strategy Opens the Door to Whole New World of Prospects: Access Overview
You can now reach a completely new crowd of folks wanting to retire early before the usual age in the 60s and up.
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By using this powerful and little-discussed tax strategy, see how you can:

  • Close more cases among affluent and wealthy people wanting to retire early and increase your production.
  • Open the floodgates for closing deals with clients turning on income in their 50s – and don’t be limited to only accumulation sales.
  • Maximize prospects' lifetime income while reducing their exposure to nasty early-withdrawal penalty risk.
  • Find alternative concepts with our very innovative case design - prospects take free withdrawals and still have more guaranteed income than if no withdrawals.
  • Help clients overcome the 4% rule - now the 2.8% rule according to experts - and come out well above that with this unique strategy.

This tax strategy will help propel your business to new levels. Trust us, it’s already helping other advisors. Ask about how we’ll help you get in front of more qualified prospects as well!

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