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Advisors that work in the federal employee market know that the VA hospitals are the most lucrative and successful vertical in the federal employee space. How would you like a simpler, guaranteed way to speak with these qualified clients? Now you can, we offer Pre-booked, fully vetted VA hospital employee appointments who need your help to secure their retirement. This is a simple and extremely cost-effective way to increase sales immediately.

Take advantage of a federal employee pre-set appointment program that offers:

  • Pre-set VA Hospital appointments, set directly with you by the VA hospital employee themselves.
  • VA Hospital employees who want a pension and retirement review and analysis
  • No Minimums or contracts
  • Hassle-free appointment delivery direct into your calendar
  • Appointment volume flexibility puts you in control of the flow
  • Training, support, and software that helps close business
  • Top notch customer service on standby every step on the way

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