Download Now: 4-Piece MYGA Kit with Consumer Materials and What Differentiates This Single Premium, Tax Deferred Fixed Annuity From All Others
Give your clients more with a MYGA that grows on a tax-deferred basis which will generate a greater account value over time as income taxes are only due when funds are withdrawn.
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What are some of the key differentiators that this MYGA offers to you and your clients?

  • “A” (Excellent) AM BEST rating carrier (Parent company with 385 Billion in assets)
  • 3-10 year MYGA terms
  • 10% annual free withdrawal starting in the FIRST YEAR
  • Systematic withdrawals, Interest only withdrawals, and RMDs all available starting in the FIRST YEAR
  • Highly competitive interest rates
  • Many more differentiators that you'll see when you access the 4-Piece Kit

An amazing feature for you, this MYGA offers NO commission reduction for age (Full comp 0-85), plus many more features you'll see in the kit that make this a must add product to your portfolio.