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Ford Stokes

Get 20-30 Business Owners with $500k+ in Investable Personal Assets Attending Your Next Web-Seminar
Access Ford's web class replay where he shares how you can reach Business Owners with $500,000+ in Investable Personal Assets.

This new webinar program targets Business Owners Only and delivers:

  • 20-30 Business Owner attendees for every webinar, guaranteed
  • When you book before June 5th, qualified advisors will receive a courteous, professional, and effective Appointment Setting service at no cost ($1,000 value)
  • Once you've paid for 30 Business Owners to show up all additional attendees are included at No Cost.
  • Example: If you get 38 business owners to attend your webinar, then you will receive 8 attendees at no additional cost.
Make your next webinar a great success.