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Ford Stokes Headshot

Ford Stokes

First-Ever Done-for-You Estate Leads Program with Protected Territories
During this presentation, Ford shares how you can start working with qualified and detailed estate leads in your local, protected territory.

This the First-Ever, Estate Leads Program in the Annuity and Financial Industry.

Imagine how many more clients you will have when you get a chance to serve most of the wealth that changes hands within your protected territory.

Access the presentation and learn:

  • How Estate Leads Pro contacts all heirs of wealth that transfers via death in your protected territory on your behalf
  • Sending a direct mail letter, trifold brochure, and your new business card all for just $12.99/lead.
  • A brand-new appointment setting process that will book qualified inheritor and executor prospects into your monthly webinar.
  • How you can help preserve wealth in your community and generate important commissions for your financial practice
  • How you can gain access to an exclusive CRM system where you can manage all your Estate Leads.
  • Post Webinar scripting to help more qualified prospect.
Learn more and secure your territory.