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Stanley Targosz

I have been a constant student of the college process and the impact it can have on a family with the college debt aftermath. Over the past 15 years I have found the best ways to help a family solve the Pay for College problem they face, using organic and knowledge based solutions. Most of the traditional solutions involve a product, which has helped create the $1.6 trillion (and growing) college debt tsunami. I spend a lot of time with parents and students creating a path that leads to success for the family. The Affordable College Plan and the College Debt Elimination Program are the customized front and back end solution that every family needs to have access to as they tackle this journey.

I help train and work with professionals all over the USA to help them impact their communities with this valuable information. My goal is to help solve this problem one family at a time with a trained group knowledge based leaders in every community across the country. This movement is long overdue.